Hi! I’m Shelby, a quirky beauty copywriter with a passion for storytelling.

I’m on a mission to educate the masses while celebrating the new era of beauty—of letting our true selves shine thanks to meaningful messaging and thoughtful, sustainable products.

And in this modern age, people want to buy from brands who share their values.

As your beauty copywriter, I’m here to make that connection and turn your potential customers into your biggest fans.

You should also know that the decade-plus I spent doing hair and overseeing salon operations means that I have a unique perspective on marketing…

My Approach to Marketing

First, you have to connect and serve. With authenticity being a must-have in today’s market, your first priority has to be solving immediate needs of your potential customers.

Next, we have to acknowledge the efforts these fantastic folks have made thus far.

I don’t believe in the “old school” of sales—which is to say, I'll never suggest using fear and greed in your marketing.

Instead, we meet your potential customers where they are by proving we understand them—their objections, struggles, emotions, and needs. As a hairdresser, this is my superpower.

From there, we give people a real choice.

Once you’ve connected with your audience and taken the time to truly understand them, presenting meaningful, irresistible solutions won’t just feel natural—your potential customers will welcome the opportunity to buy.

Frankly, I do this deep emotional dive whether we’re working together on a few blog posts, a new campaign, or even rewriting your entire website.

Because creating copy and content without a plan? Without a fleshed-out, bespoke strategy?

Well… that’s a lot like trying to push a rope.

That’s why, for all projects big and small, I see the forest and the trees. Most importantly, while I’m writing fabulous copy for whatever you need…

You get to focus on doing what you love. What you do best.

At the end of the day, isn’t that the beauty of the billion-dollar, ever-evolving beauty industry?

How I Got Here...


Shelby Dennis, your freelance beauty copywriter, circa 2010. Smiling in the sunshine and wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

That September, I thought I had everything figured out. As I added risers under my bed (every inch of storage counts in a dorm, after all) and met my new dormmate, I was so excited.

To join my university’s art program, I’d had to declare myself as a painting major before I’d even toured the campus.

But I was game! Art was my life, in large part because it allowed me to connect with people on an emotional level. A level I’d struggled to reach in most of my friendships up until then.

I had humble visions of trading paintings and stories in exchange for room and board across the world (to my mother’s chagrin).

And a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts? Well, it just seemed like an obvious stepping stone to creating the life I’d always imagined. Everything was going perfectly.

Except that it wasn’t going perfectly. At all. I felt lost, miserable, and downright disenfranchised.

A few heart-to-hearts with my professors later, I made the choice to drop out of college. I wasn’t there for the right reasons…

And it’s hard to take on $40k in student loan debt when you’re fiercely passionate about your degree, let alone lukewarm.

But what I wanted hadn’t changed.

I wanted to celebrate the beauty of life while connecting meaningfully with people and improving their lives.

In retrospect, it’s no surprise I wandered into a Paul Mitchell cosmetology school for a tour in the days immediately after I left the university.

My beauty school ID from over a decade ago and a sticky note reading "My student ID from the Northwest Hair Academy!"

I fell in love almost immediately.

Getting to connect with my clients while bringing their visions to life was perhaps the most magical thing I’d ever experienced.

“Be the sponge!” quickly became my motto—and it still is today.

I participated in every additional opportunity we were given, from giving free back-to-school haircuts to testing into the school’s prestigious Phase Two Future Professional program.

By the time I graduated, I couldn’t wait to start my salon career and show the world that I could truly “make it” on my own terms—by showcasing my authenticity and empathy.


Shelby Dennis, your freelance beauty copwywriter, circa 2012. Drinking a mimosa and grinning at the camera.

I dealt with some unexpected challenges in my first year behind the chair. I was surprised to find that certain salons had absolutely ruthless metrics we were required to hit as stylists.

Can’t do a certain amount of haircuts in an hour? You’re fired.

Struggling to sell shampoo to 80% of your clients? You’re fired.

Don't get me wrong-- I rose to meet the challenge...

But honestly, I started to wonder if I’d made the exact same mistake I’d made in starting university for the wrong reasons.

At the end of the day, though, I loved helping people. I couldn’t just give up.

That summer, I started at a new salon—an Aveda salon that cared less about metrics and more about happy clients.

I received multiple opportunities for continuing education, and I fell in love again… this time with Aveda’s branding, messaging, and marketing.

Within a few months (and without using slimey sales tactics) I’d achieved the highest product sales of any Aveda stylist in our district.

Talking about the benefits of these amazing products felt more natural than almost anything else I’d ever done.


salon staff pic

By 2013, I had built an unfalteringly loyal, incredibly diverse clientele… but the salon had changed.

Some shifts in branding and daily operations meant I was facing the same cold, sales-obsessed approach I already knew didn’t work for me.

I got the same nagging feeling as before—those warning bells telling me this wasn’t the path for me.

So, I put in my notice and started the search for a salon I could call home. Where I could be my authentic self, add value for every single client, and address their needs…

Before even thinking about trying to sell them products or additional services.

To my surprise, I found exactly what I was looking for…

At a children’s salon that’d been a mainstay of the community for nearly 30 years.


Shelby Dennis, your freelance beauty copywriter, wearing a black cat beanie for Halloween at the children's salon where she worked for many years.

From the moment I started at Brat Pack Salon in 2013, I knew I’d found the place I’d been searching for my entire career.

While we specialized in kids’ haircuts, I also worked with moms and dads daily—and I loved connecting with every single one of them.

But I was having problems… health problems, specifically.

Early signs of carpal tunnel combined with a sudden downturn in my mental health led me to work with a few different doctors in search of an answer.

And then… I was diagnosed with ADHD, and suddenly so many things made sense.

I realized as much as I thrived in that chaotic environment, and as much as I loved growing into my role as operations manager, I was completely and utterly burnt out (physically and mentally).

I needed time to understand what my diagnosis meant and how I could create a life that worked with my unique brain—rather than against it.


Shelby Dennis, your freelance beauty copywriter, circa 2023. Smiling at the camera with rainbow string lights in the background.

Like many of us, I was forced to sink or swim in 2020.

Suddenly, my plans to slowly wind down my salon career and pivot were literally furloughed.

In a lot of ways, this was a huge blessing.

I had the time to wrap my head around what I wanted and needed—which included sorting out who I was going to help, and how.

When I realized every beauty business needs exactly what I was creating for the children's salon—engaging copy, a cohesive brand voice, and irresistible sales funnels—I started learning absolutely everything I could about copywriting.

In the years since, I’ve had the pleasure of writing for beauty brands of all shapes and sizes.

Today, I write for clients all over the globe who are passionate about what they do, but who need a little help connecting with their native English-speaking audience.

Whether you need an email campaign… SEO-driven blogs… case studies… or just about anything else you can think of…

I want to support you! Your ideal customers are out there, just waiting to hear from you.

I’ll help you craft the words that captivate and compel while genuinely helping people.

So, shall we get started?

Looking forward to telling the world your story,

Shelby's signature in dark blue ink.

Shelby Dennis
Your freelance beauty copywriter

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