Copy + Strategy = Results

With over 10 years of experience engaging customers at every stage of the sales funnel…

A razor-sharp intuition for understanding customers’ biggest problems…

And a versatile sales and marketing background…

I can help you soar above your competition by crafting your messaging and helping you reach your biggest business goals.

I specialize in the beauty and personal care industries because I know them inside and out (thanks to my 10+ years working as a hairdresser and salon operations manager).

Not only have I helped my own salons maximize their sales and take the definition of “success” to a whole new level

I’ve also gotten to do the same for a number of businesses much like yours.

How I'll Help You

As a freelance beauty copywriter and business owner myself (having started my first business at the age of 16)...

I work with businesses to determine why their messaging isn’t converting and help boost revenue through:

SEO-Driven Content Marketing | Human-Focused Copywriting | USP Analysis | Small Business Consulting | Professional Coaching

But what does this actually look like?

1. I Meet You Where You Are

Maybe you know exactly  what you need. Or maybe right now, all you know is that you need help!

Either way, I’m here for you. I’ll never  steer you towards a project that isn’t a perfect fit for achieving your goals.

2. We Deep Dive Into Your Vision

Once I know where you are, I need to know where you want to be. As your freelance beauty copywriter, there are a whooooole lot of things we can achieve together!

But what matters most are your biggest needs and ultimate goals.

3. We Set the Stage for Success

Now that we’ve established Point A and Point B, we’ll craft a roadmap to get there.

This includes big details like the overall timeline and small (but just as important) particulars like whether you prefer Google Drive or Dropbox.

4. I Write While You Do You

You’re free!  I don’t require an ounce of micromanaging or hand-holding because this ain’t my first rodeo.

While I write, you can focus your energy on other aspects of your business or whatever else needs your attention.

5. I Deliver Your Sparkling New Copy

I deliver your fabulous new copy in whatever way you requested, plus any relevant notes for you, your designer, etc.

Want any revisions? Just let me know and I’ll get straight to work.

I pride myself on being receptive to your feedback and completing edits in a very timely fashion.

Standard Projects Include...

Website Rewrites | SEO-Driven Content Marketing | Case Studies | eCommerce Product Descriptions | Sales Funnel Copy | Email Marketing Campaigns | Product Launches | Brand Voice Guides

Your Incredible Brand Deserves Incredible Copy. Let’s Make It Happen.

Light pink button with the words "I'm Ready!!"

Looking forward to helping you soar,

Shelby Dennis
Your freelance beauty copywriter