5 Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

A freelance copywriter writing on their laptop.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve worked with a lot of marketing teams. And I’ve heard a lot about marketing problems.

Don’t get me wrong; these teams were well-prepared. They typically had timelines, KPIs, a content strategy, and even an implementation plan. But all these teams suffered from the same problem—no one available to finally sit down and write the content as outlined.

The funny thing is I spent years insisting I would never be a writer—because marketing teams exist! Before I started out as a freelance copywriter, I always said “There’s no work to be done there. A company is either big enough to afford a marketing team, and the team handles copy/content. Or a company can’t afford it, and therefore wouldn’t be able to pay me either.”

Turns out Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, because here I am now.

And every marketing team I’ve worked with has told me the same thing: that hiring a freelance copywriter was the breath of fresh air their department needed. That knowing I was doing the writing meant the marketing team could do what they do best—help the company thrive by generating sales and leads.

So it stands to reason that I also hear a lot about the little-known benefits you enjoy by hiring a freelance copywriter, and why hiring one is a no-brainer… whether you’re a small business or an international corporation.

Why Is Hiring A Freelance Copywriter A Smart Move?

1. Your customers will love what we write. A good freelance copywriter (myself included!) is all about the audience.

I’ll ask you some questions about your ideal customer and your current goals. Then I research everything about that customer-- what keeps them up at night, what they believe in, and what problem they desperately need solved.

Finally, I work my magic by writing a piece that shows your ideal customer why your current goal/campaign is the answer to their prayers. You sit back and bask in the glow of a job well done, collect payment from your customers, and rest easy knowing a freelance copywriter can help write your next project too.

2. You get more for less. Did you know it’s almost always more cost-effective for you to hire a freelance copywriter than it is to have a current employee do the writing? I know, it’s hard to believe. But stay with me here.

If you task a current employee with writing a sales letter, blog, etc, it’ll most likely take them a long time. Even if this employee is an expert on the subject they’re writing about, they aren’t a trained writer. They don’t know the industry secrets of good copywriting.

Eventually this person completes the piece, and you have them edit it too. The salary of that employee is most likely significantly higher than a copywriter would’ve charged to write the piece—not to mention this employee has missed days, if not weeks, of their actual duties.

A freelance copywriter will get the piece written faster and better than one of your employees. Usually, we write even faster than a marketing team member can. So why waste everyone’s time and money for mediocre results… when you could hire a professional, spend less, and get a better outcome?

3. The “S” in SEO doesn’t have to stand for “stress.” Another complaint I hear frequently is that SEO is very stressful. Not only do you have to create content that humans like… you have to please the algorithms too.

And weaving in SEO keywords without compromising the flow of your piece can quickly lead to banging your head against your computer screen.

But as a freelance copywriter, I’m trained to walk that tightrope with ease. All you do is talk with me about your business. Once I know what your customers are searching for, I know exactly how to write web pages that Google and your customers will love. You get to watch your web pages rise in the Google ranks without any of the stress or guesswork!

A freelance copywriter and a marketing team member discussing a project.

4. Get fresh, innovative ideas for your business. You’ve been part of your industry since you opened your business—if not longer. And you’ve become familiar with all the techniques, buzzwords, and same-old-same-old ad campaigns your industry normally uses.

But I’m a freelance copywriter. Even though I specialize in certain niches, I’ve still got experience across many different industries. I’ve seen tons of genius campaigns, techniques, and ads… and some not-so-genius ones.

By working with me, you’ll get access to fresh ideas and perspectives you’d never heard of previously. Using my expertise and experience, I will custom-tailor pieces for your company that stand out from the crowd and win you new customers.

5. Get new, unique content on a regular schedule. While Google and humans sometimes disagree on the best practices for web pages, there’s one thing they agree on: you have to post new content regularly.

When you add pages to your website at a regular cadence—like via posting blogs every couple weeks—your website will be higher in Google rankings. And people prefer to read content from within the last year or two. Why? Because they know it’s still accurate and up to date versus an article from five years ago.

And I’ve seen entire marketing teams go silent when it’s time to come up with content ideas for the next quarter.

But that’s why they hired me, a freelance copywriter! Even when you have absolutely no ideas for your content, I do. And I’m trained to always have a new, unique perspective that will set you apart from your competition.

How Do You Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

Well, there’s more than one way to crack an egg. And in the case of hiring a freelance copywriter, every egg is a little different.

But I do know how you can hire me. Simply contact me to get started. We’ll discuss what you need (or determine your needs if you aren’t sure) and what I’ll do to help. Once we agree on the general scope of your project, I’ll send a contract for you to autograph. Finally, you pay a deposit and I get to work right away!

Do you have additional questions about working with a freelance copywriter? Just contact me or leave a comment to receive my expert opinion!

Rooting for you,

Shelby Dennis

Your freelance beauty copywriter


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